About Us

Buckthorn invests in industrial businesses providing products and services that support the growth and integration of renewable energy, lower emissions, energy efficiency and improvements to existing energy infrastructure.


Our analysis of the energy system, its current status and future direction drives our four investment themes.

Energy transition provides a strong growth context for businesses serving the energy sector. There are significant investment opportunities in businesses that provide products and services across energy generation, distribution, conversion and related processes to assist industrial and domestic users of energy in decarbonisation.

Identifying and managing investments in this rapidly changing environment requires a detailed understanding of the energy industry and an active management approach. This is where Buckthorn’s expertise lies.

This is how we think about the future of energy:

  • There is growing political, social and economic momentum behind the transition from hydrocarbons to renewable energy which is reshaping the energy system.
  • The scale and pace of change required to meet the 2015 Paris Agreement objectives are substantial across generation, distribution, conversion and consumption.
  • The pursuit of global decarbonisation will impact the mix of both primary energy production and final energy consumption and requires new, renewable energy sources, and extensive changes in existing energy infrastructure.
  • Energy efficiency is fundamental to achieving decarbonisation and will impact both domestic and industrial energy infrastructure.
  • Energy transition is therefore not only about change in primary energy production but also energy use, conversion, storage and investments in new energy-efficient buildings, transport, industrial and manufacturing processes.

Our four investment themes

Improving existing energy infrastructure
Integrating renewable energy
Increasing energy efficiency
Addressing hard-to-abate emissions

Direct CO2 Emissions Reductions in Selected Sectors in The IEA Sustainable Development Scenario


Helping businesses to grow

Buckthorn is an active partner to its portfolio companies

We help the companies with whom we work to expand their businesses, often through broadening their product portfolio and increasing geographic reach.

We achieve this through organic development and M&A funded by the capital Buckthorn provides.

Buckthorn provides its portfolio businesses with industrial experience, a broad industry network, growth capital, M&A expertise, operating know-how and strategic advice. Our team works with the management of our portfolio companies to execute their growth strategies. Strategies reflect the structure of the market, analysis of industrial logic, the transition to a lower-carbon economy, and an increasing focus on the environmental impact of operations.

Buckthorn has a long track record in investing in energy product and service businesses where value is created from:

  • Complex site operations involving engineering and installation to deliver the client solutions.
  • Manufacturing and supply chain management for reliability and cost-effectiveness.
  • International and specialised logistics for fast and dependable supply.
  • Asset integrity management, maintenance and repair for optimised capital returns.
  • Quality management, safety and environmental systems.
  • Product and service development and commercialisation.
  • Multi-level sales and marketing focused on client value creation and repositioning the product and service offer.
  • Corporate financing structures to facilitate organic growth and M&A.
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