Rip Zinsmeister

Rip is BP PLC’s Chief Operating Officer for Mergers & Acquisitions with global coverage for Corporate, Refining and Marketing and Alternative Energy. He is also CEO of BP Midstream Partners.

Rip has 30 years’ experience in the Energy sector, the last 18 of which have been in M&A. He leads BP’s London M&A team who are responsible for delivering roughly half of BP’s $5-10 Billion annual M&A volume. Rip has managed transactions in all of BP’s principal businesses and deal types, including venture cap, joint venture formation and dissolution, public offerings, and the more typical private transactions. Prior to his tenure in M&A, Rip was an Engineering Manager and CFO of Amoco’s E&P division in Denver, Colorado.

Rip is a graduate of the University of Chicago (MBA) and the Pennsylvania State University (Petroleum Engineering).