BUCKTHORN INVESTS IN OILFIELD SERVICE COMPANIES. Our team of investment professionals and operational executives work with the management of our portfolio companies to execute their growth strategies. Buckthorn invests in businesses exposed to long-term growth trends, providing them with industry experience, a broad industry network, growth capital, M&A expertise and strategic advice.


SUPPLIERS OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TO THE OIL AND GAS SECTOR. Buckthorn believes that certain sub sectors of the oilfield services market will present attractive investment opportunities as long-term structural demand and supply dynamics remain intact in spite of the current cyclical downturn in the sector. Regardless of the demand scenario, existing sources of hydrocarbon supply will be challenged as oil and gas reservoirs reach the end of their operational lives. New resources to replace the existing supply are already proving costly to access being more difficult to develop of lying in more remote locations. This often requires the use of new and more sophisticated products, services and technologies.


BUSINESSES TO DELIVER GROWTH. Buckthorn sees itself as a partner to its portfolio companies. We spend most of our time in the industry, talking with executives, providing strategic advice, analysing trends, and looking for market segments that would benefit from consolidation. We help the companies with whom we partner expand their businesses often through a broadening of their product portfolio and geographic reach. We look to achieve this both organically and through acquisitions. The capital Buckthorn provides facilitates these strategic initiatives.